Contribution to the study of the determinants of e-banking adoption in Moroccan Corporates


  • Rachid ELHILA Teacher researcher, Doctor in Management Sciences MADEO-EST laboratory - UMP Oujda
  • Rachid AZIZI Doctor in Economic Sciences and management MADEO-EST laboratory - UMP Oujda



E-banking, UTAUT, expected performance, reliability of operations, perceived risk, institutional pressure, statistical method of structural equations.


This study aims to identify the factors that promote or hinder the adoption of e-banking, through a field survey of Moroccan organizations. It examines how e-banking is accepted, adopted and used, as well as the challenges and implications in terms of transaction reliability and risk.

In order to understand the determinants influencing the adoption of e-banking by Moroccan organizations, we based ourselves on the Unified Technology Acceptance and Use Model (UTAUT). Our model is designed by extending the UTAUT model to include new variables deemed essential by the literature review, namely transaction reliability, perceived risk and institutional pressure.

The model developed is evaluated using an empirical study of 256 client organizations of Moroccan banks. The work is based on the statistical method of structural equations, which has a dual purpose: to test the content validity of the questionnaire, and to determine the best factor structure to fit the empirical data (Roussel & al., 2002).




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ELHILA, R. ., & AZIZI, R. . (2024). Contribution to the study of the determinants of e-banking adoption in Moroccan Corporates. Revue Internationale De La Recherche Scientifique (Revue-IRS), 2(2), 333–353.